Special Projects

I have been very fortunate to be a part of several projects that have touched my life in a very personal way.

Washington Hospital Center (view photos)

9/11… a day no one in our generation will forget. Towers falling, planes crashing, lives lost, families changed forever. Several years after this historic and tragic day, I was commissioned to photograph the survivors of the Pentagon crash. Even though it had been several years since the attack, I was surprised to find that the survivors were still in pain and still undergoing surgeries. For one person, it was her first day on the job at the Pentagon. Each person’s story started off as a normal day and then the tragic crash changed their lives forever.

The Aurora School (view photos)

When I became a mother I wanted to document every moment of my son’s life. By the time he was 3 months old I already had thousands of photographs documenting every milestone a 3 month old could possibly have. One morning I received an email from another photographer advertising a book they had written about photographing children with Autism and other disabilities. I was moved to tears when I read that these parents often times do not have photographs of their children because it is so hard to find a photographer who is experienced and able to capture their children in a comfortable and relaxed setting. I made a vow to make a small difference in a few parent’s lives. The students at The Aurora School touched my heart and many times had me tearing up behind my camera. Their beauty and innocence is to be admired and the gift they have given me by allowing me to photograph them is one of my most treasured memories.